Picnic For One

There is nothing better than a simple meal of left overs, especially when it involves bread, olive oil, tomatoes and avocado.
I had visited the farmers market yesterday and came home with a beautiful sour dough baguette that was screaming to be toasted with olive oil.

Slice 2 large pieces of the bread and sprinkle generously with olive oil. Put under the grill/broiler for a few minutes, being careful not to let burn.

Take a garlic clove, peel it and rub generously over the hot toast ….this will give it an incredible depth of flavour.

Then your canvas is set….add parsley salsa, chopped tomatoes, avocado, feta cheese, cheddar cheese, seafood, steak,hard boiled eggs…. anything! Just chop it finely, mix it up and think about colour. The more colours, the prettier it will look. For garnish, add cilantro, basil, rosemary, lemon peel, jalapeno, red onion, apple, grapefruit. Sprinkle with a little olive oil and maldon salt , perhaps some red pepper flakes and freshly ground black pepper. Add a squeeze of lemon….so good!
A few olives on the side and a nice cold glass of lemony orange water…it’s a perfect picnic for one. The simple things in life, one should never forget.

7 thoughts on “Picnic For One

  1. Frances, Your posts are such a lovely escape from the day-to-day! Your photographs always make me wish that I was wherever the shot was taken. Thank you!!!!

  2. This looks so tasty. I usually mash avocado together with some crushed garlic and salt, then spread it on toast and add some dried chilies on top… oh, irresistable. I do agree that simple things in life often are the best, it’s just that we tend to forget them and strive for something expencive, posh etc. … Kristina

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