Easy on the Orange

I admit that this is not my own recipe, although I wish it was. I got it from Sweet Paul Magazine‘s Spring Issue, and the story was all about Easter cooking.
(The article was beautifully styled and shot by Abby Stolfo and Meg Smith)

When it comes to a dinner party, one thing I am never good about is dessert. I know I have to make it, but usually settle on a bar of chocolate and some kind of fruit. Well, this is a version of that but much better looking.

It all depends on how you slice it ….. finding as many different varieties of citrus as possible (except, perhaps lemons) is the key. I used blood oranges, regular oranges and grapefruit.  Carefully cutting away the peel and pith and turning the fruit on its side to slice thinly is what makes this dish so gorgeous.

The food stylist garnishes with caramalized pistachios which adds a wonderful green jewel-like colour to the citrus. I added a dash of black pepper which gave another layer of flavour to the sea salt they suggest, and all in all it was hit!

I guess this would also make a good breakfast, served with a dollop of greek yoghurt and a delicious cup of coffee. What a good way to start the day 🙂

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