It is one of my biggest fears, that a crazed gunman will burst into a room where my daughter might be, putting her in harms way and changing the course of her life. I thought this was an American malady, but apparently not so.
My heart goes out to all the people who have been affected by this senseless act in Norway.

4 thoughts on “Norway

  1. I was just discussing that with my boyfriend. We were thinking that this kind of thing only happened in the US. Now it’s happening over here in Europe too.
    Such a shame.

    1. It just baffles me….why would a person do this, but then… ‘why’ doesn’t matter…what matters is how we react and what we do in the aftermath.
      Thoughts and prayers go out to all in Norway.

  2. Thank you so much for caring…. A girl in my neighbourhood was killed and we are all speechless and shocked. Our hearts and prayers are with those who have lost a dear one. This is what our prime minister, Jens Stoltenberg, said yesterday: “We are a small nation, but we are a proud nation. No one is going to bomb us into silence. No one is going to shoot us into silence. No one is ever going to frighten us away from being Norway.”

    Your blog has many readers all over the world (including me from little Norway) and I hope you all pray for the victims and their families.

    Regards, Tove

    1. Tove,
      My heart goes out to you all so much. I cannot imagine how hard this must be, and want you to know that all around the world, our thoughts are with you and those who have been affected.
      You will get through this, it just takes time.
      All the very best to you and every one in Norway.
      – Frances

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