Sunday Afternoon Special


A quick visit to the New Amsterdam Market at the South Street Seaport meant coming home with a feast. Painted Goat Rosemary Fig cheese, Sullivan Bakery Olive Loaf, Landaff Creamery Cheese, bright red tomatoes, Persian cucumbers, San Daniele Prosciutto, sun dried tomatoes, and a lovely rosé from Pasanella Wine Shop. The thing is, wherever you are in the world, you can probably find these ingredients. Put them all together on a sunday afternoon and it’s what we call the Sunday Afternoon Special. Finish it off with something cool….avocado ice cream anyone?


5 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon Special

  1. Oh a food blog! Yippee 🙂
    And just look at those photos! My word, I can’t help but drool.
    I found you via Sweet Paul, which I only found yesterday. LOL! Life is good in blogland.
    I’m sure I’ll pop in again soon.
    Aleta ღ

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