Andy’s Mexican Pork

Chris’s family is a melting pot all of its own – a Japanese Aunt, a Brazilian brother in law, a Mexican grand father – and it’s the Mexican side that has formed alot of Chris’s (and my) own tastes, nurtured by his mom Sara’s cooking. This weekend Sara made for us pulled pork taco’s – Grandpa Andy’s recipe – and they were so good. Served with a crunchy corn, tomato and cilantro salad, as well as a bowl of creamy avocado – who doesn’t love that?

See the next page for the recipe.

This recipe is done in a sow cooker because that’s how my mother in law does it, but can be just as easily done in an oven on a very low temperature.

Andy’s Pulled Pork
serves 6

1 Pork Butt Roast (shoulder), 4.5 pounds/ 2kg
1 large green peppers, sliced
1 large onion, cut into quarters
Fresh jalapeno, as much as you can take (I would use 2 or 3 but then we like a lot of heat)
1 tablespoon oregano (or use cumin, or whatever spices you like)
Salt and pepper to taste

Brown the meat in a pan and place the pork in bowl of slow cooker. Add salt, black pepper, and dried oregano and whatever other spices you like, to coat. Place onion pieces and jalapenos atop pork. Cover slow cooker and cook pork on low setting until meat is very tender and falling apart, about 6 hours.
Using slotted spoon, transfer pork to cutting board. Discard onion pieces. Using fingers, shred pork; transfer shredded pork to platter.
Serve with warm corn tortillas, avocado slices, sour cream (or we just use 2% greek yoghurt), hot sauce, and a sprig of cilantro/coriander on top.

And here is THE Grandpa Andy with Julia – the best great-grand father a little girl could wish for. He had just given her something princess-y….do you see the love in her eyes?

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