Azad, Poorna, Anav and us.

Azad, Poorna and their very sweet son Anav we met through our best friends in Los Angeles. Recently they moved to New York and we have spent many evenings with them, laughing alot and tasting Azad’s wonderful cooking. Azad, who grew up in Delhi, is half American and half Indian; his mom is from New Jersey of Ukranian Jewish descent, his dad from Kerala, in Southern India. Poorna was born in Tunisia – her father was in the Indian Foreign Service – and has lived all over the world: Dublin, Islamabad, Buenos Aires, Washington (she gets the Miss Melting Pot of the year award). But it’s Azad who does the cooking, and one spring afternoon we crossed the Williamsburg Bridge….
This beetroot, so easy to make.
Roast beets in oven.
While they are roasting mix olive oil, lemon juice, cumin and salt
Chop fresh mint
Peel beets and chop in chunks
Toss it all up and there you have it

This cauliflower dish is beyond good –
Peel and cube 3 potatoes
Separate cauliflower into florets
Heat up some oil in a pan and on a medium heat throw in a handful of cumin seeds
Fry till golden brown
Add 2 tsp of coriander powder + 1 tsp of turmeric + 1 tsp of red chili
powder and fry for 30 secs
Throw in peeled and cubed potatoes
Fry them for about 10 mins
Throw in cauliflower
Cover pan
Cook for another 10 mins.
Turn off heat and keep pan covered

And then there were the samoosas with the green chutney.  Amazing, unbelievable, so delicious you could not possibly stop at one.

Green Chutney
Handful of mint leaves.
Half the amount of cilantro leaves
I clove of raw garlic
Two green chilies
Bit of water
Blend it
Thanks to Azad for the recipes!

5 thoughts on “Azad, Poorna, Anav and us.

  1. Welcome to the world of blogging. I like what I see…you photos make me want to be a guest…I also like the simple clean style of your blog…keep it up and I’m sure it will be so rewarding…FYI…I found you via the talented Sweet Paul…of course he we have such talented friends….I’ll be back.

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